To whom it may concern,

Dear Diary.  Dear global audience,

It’s that time of the week again, approaching Sunday midnight – show time; equivocal to the routinized watching of the 6 o’clock news. It’s when my global following of millions log in to catch up on my latest commentary regarding this week’s prescribed reading.

Miller notes and credits the internet’s capacity for connecting communicators to a global audience. This proclamation led me to question who is actually reading this material. Does anybody actually read blogs? I don’t.

Miller goes on to highlight the quandary faced by the art of literature. Audiences are on the decline.  Miller asserts that “self-sponsored acts of reading are declining across the board” and yet “self-sponsored acts of writing…are on the rise.”  For the most part I would agree with the assertion that blogging has become a realm for individually motivated self-expression. If the future of writing and textual representation is entwined with online sources, and yet the majority of online content becomes lost in the masses of internet material, does writing matter? If no one is likely to read it, does it matter if it’s grammatically incorrect or riddled with spelling errors? This by no means intends to overlook the existence of quality writing that circulates on the internet; however I would contend that the proportion that can be categorised as such is minimal.

I do hope against hope though, that I do attract a global following, or that someone, anyone out there decides to read my posts. Perhaps I should get the ball rolling; stop writing and start reading.




Miller, R 2009, ‘The Coming Apocalypse’, Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to teaching Literature, Language, Composition and Culture, Vol 10, Issue 1, Duke University Press.


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